Food Handling Certificate

A Food Handling certificate (RSF ) is essential for working in a venue where food is prepared. You will be taught the skills, safe practices, principles and procedures necessary to prepare food safely. The Food Handling course covers hygiene training and basic cleaning. Whether you work in a kitchen, café, kiosk, restaurant or hotel, food hygiene and safe food handling practices will be vital part of your work in the hospitality industry. When you complete the RSF course, you will attain the Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

The one-day Food Handling course will include:

•    What is food safety, and why is it important?
•    Monitor food safety in the workplace
•    Procedures for controlling risks
•    How to identify and assess food safety hazards

Course Structure:

Level one (Food Handling) and level two (Food Safety Supervisor) each take three hours, or six hours to do them together.


This training is delivered by the Victorian Bar School (TOID: 3722)