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In many ways, a food handling certificate is more than just a piece of paper with your name on it. Yes, it is required in a wide range of situations (see below), but the benefits run a fair bit deeper. It shows that you’ve put your time in, learning everything you need about handling and Read more…

How to Become a Bartender

on August 9, 2017 by admin

Taking a bartending course from a provider like RSA Melbourne is about a lot more than just learning how to mix a good drink. Different hospitality environments all require unique skills, all of which a training course will help you hone, develop and improve over time. The goal is less to just make sure that Read more…

Why A Food Handling Course Is Important For Your Business

by admin August 4, 2017

Whether you own a five-star restaurant, a café, or something in between, it’s important for you to understand that the biggest asset you have at your disposal is and will always be your wait staff. These hardworking men and women are directly responsible for the first impression that a customer gets when they walk through Read more…

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The Benefits of Silver Service Waiter Training

by admin July 29, 2017

The simple fact of the matter is that you could have the most objectively wonderful restaurant ever, but the entire organisation will still live and die based on the level of service being provided. In addition to the food itself, the service staff is perhaps the single most important element of any restaurant’s success. This Read more…

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Melbourne: The Coffee Capital of Australia

by Warrick Steabben July 21, 2017

Melbourne is one of the most important cities in all of Australia for a wide range of different reasons. From a cultural standpoint, it’s one of the richest cities in the entire country, with everything from the Melbourne International Film Festival to the International Comedy Festival and more calling it home each year, plus Melbourne Read more…

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What is an RSA Certificate?

by Warrick Steabben August 17, 2016

A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is a legal requirement for anybody wishing to gain employment in a venue that serves alcohol. This includes clubs, pubs, gambling venues, bottle shops, hotels and restaurants. The Benefits of Obtaining an RSA Certificate If your intention is to serve alcohol in the hospitality industry then it is Read more…

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Poor Training Might Be Holding Your Business Back

by Warrick Steabben January 8, 2016

Part of your business’ success in the food service industry is dictated by not what you choose to serve, but how you choose to serve it. People can eat and drink all they want in the comfort of their own home – if you want them to actually get ready, get in the car, drive Read more…

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Misconceptions About Hospitality Training

by Warrick Steabben December 8, 2015

If you’re planning to pursue a career in the food service industry with a hospitality training program from Victoria’s leading training college, RSA Melbourne, hospitality training is one of the single greatest assets that you have at your disposal. RSA offer courses for baristas, food handling, and those wishing to work in gaming venues.  Despite Read more…

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Apple Pay and Mobile Wallets: What Hospitality Staff Need to Know

by Warrick Steabben November 25, 2015

Perhaps the biggest technological shift to come along in quite some time is the rise to prominence of services like Apple Pay and the mobile wallet in general. Instead of taking out cash or a credit card to pay for drinks or a meal at a restaurant, patrons can now tap a button on their Read more…

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The Importance of Responsible Alcohol Practices in Relation to Your Liquor License

by Warrick Steabben October 30, 2015

The liquor license is one of the most important documents for many different types of businesses in and around the Melbourne area for a wide range of different reasons. In addition to the fact that it gives you the ability to serve alcohol to patrons under the law, it also allows you to attract the Read more…

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