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How To Be An Ideal Pub Customer

by Warrick Steabben on March 17, 2014

A customer who is difficult to deal with is never unhappy about just one thing; it’s always a perfect storm. It’s never as simple as the qualities of the worst customer being the opposite of those of the best. Every guest is different and every visit to your favourite pub is unique. Aim high and capture a flawless experience by being the guest who speaks up and knows exactly what he or she wants. Achieve rock star status in the eyes of your bartender and your friends at RSA Melbourne by being the patron who follows these four simple rules at the pub.

An Ideal Pub Customer
An Ideal Pub Customer

Be friendly, not flirty.

The bartender is your friend, but not your best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. Feel free to chat or share an anecdote, but avoid being needy. A smile and kind word go a lot farther than an awkward touch or pick up line. Remember, flirting only works if the person on the receiving end is interested. Otherwise it’s creepy. Don’t be creepy; you won’t get a second drink.

When you get the bartender’s attention, make sure you’re ready to order.

If you want that first drink, be ready to speak up. Whether it’s going to be a pint, a cocktail or something lighter, hit them with your best shot. It’s OK to ask some questions or even make a joke, but help your bartender help you. No one is happy when that annoying guy orders a gin martini “shaken, not stirred.” For a busy bartender, time is money. Don’t waste your time or theirs, especially if it’s busy and there’s a crush of people at the bar.

Speaking of money… after ordering, be ready to pay.

Have the cash or credit card in hand. Planning to stay for more than one round? Ask if you can open a tab. An open tab ensures a bartender will try to remember you; more interaction is imminent.

Last, but not least, consider leaving a tip.

Customers seem to have trouble with this one. Sure, you don’t need to tip at a bar, but if you’re a regular then it will guarantee that the bar staff will be happy to see you. Tips are a bonus, a thank you and an investment if you want to be on the good side of your favourite pub’s staff. Leave a little something on the bar or in the jar.

In life, there are choices to be made, so pick your mode of transportation, the colour of your hair and whether or not to get that extra shot of espresso in the morning. Just know that when you choose a career in the service industry, you can’t pick your customers. RSA Melbourne teaches you to provide professional service and helps you learn the hospitality rules that will get you through any shift, but be sure to set a good example every time you’re out.

Follow these steps. Choose to be efficient and polite. Become your favourite pub’s favourite guest.

Also Happy Saint Patty’s Day.