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Australia’s Best RSA Courses: Melbourne

by Warrick Steabben on January 29, 2014

The state of Victoria has Australia’s toughest requirements for Responsible Service of Alcohol, and Melbourne is the hospitality capital of Victoria. With four million thirsty, fun-loving people in greater Melbourne, the workers who keep the city’s pubs, clubs and restaurants running need to have the best training available for RSA, and they’re getting it.

RSA – Melbourne’s Got the Gold Standard

Because Victoria’s standards for RSA certification are the most comprehensive in Australia and Melbourne is Victoria’s largest and most social city, when it comes to RSA courses, Melbourne is Australia’s best bet. Most states will accept online courses for RSA certification, but Victoria will not. The people who work in Victoria’s state government are smart enough to know that an online course can only go so far in teaching you how to handle alcohol and drinkers as part of your job.

Most online courses rely on video presentations and multiple choice quizzes. That’s all well and good. It may be an adequate way to learn some of what’s needed for an RSA certification. An online course is fine for getting medical information about the effects of alcohol. It can probably teach you about the legal responsibilities of hospitality staff, too. However, an online course doesn’t do enough to help bartenders, servers and hosts do and say the right things at a moment’s notice, instinctually and under stress.

Practice is What Sets Melbourne RSA Courses Apart

When you take an RSA course and get certified with RSA Melbourne, you will learn from people with real world experience and you’ll have a chance to practice your responses in realistic scenarios. We’re a full service training facility for the hospitality industry, so we can offer practice sessions that are as close as possible to a real situation that you might encounter in your job. Our students aren’t just told what they’re supposed to do in difficult situations. They’re given opportunities to practice their responses in realistic situations where they must decide what to say and do and carry through.

They say that practice makes perfect, and nothing could be more true. Since you’ll have practiced what to do and say when you’re working with a difficult customer or dealing with someone who’s had too much to drink, you’ll most likely act with confidence and intelligence when you are presented with a challenging situation at work.

Another benefit of Victoria’s high quality RSA training and certification process is this: if you move to a different state, your Melbourne RSA certification will most likely be accepted at par with the local certification. People who move to Victoria from elsewhere are required to take a bridging course in order to get an RSA certification they can use in Melbourne, but Melbournians and people from elsewhere in Victoria have more flexibility. Victoria’s RSA certification is known and respected throughout Australia.