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Getting Your RSA or Getting Started?

by Warrick Steabben on November 19, 2013

Once in a while, everyone wonders what it would be like to work in a bar, club, restaurant or coffee shop. They’re places for good times, friendship and celebration, and hospitality workers get paid to be part of the action every day. They shape the customers’ experiences and help to create just the right atmosphere. Many hospitality jobs feature part-time or flexible hours, and hospitality workers can often depend on tips as well as hourly pay. It’s perfect work for a student, an artist or musician, or a young person who’d like to move up in the industry.

What is RSA?

RSA stands for “Responsible Service of Alcohol.” When it comes to RSA courses, Melbourne and the rest of the state of Victoria have the highest standards in Australia. Online courses do not meet the Victoria government’s strict requirements for RSA training. Hospitality workers need to prove that they can meet the demands of the job in person.

Our RSA training courses will teach you about the effects of alcohol and about the laws that regulate its consumption. You’ll also learn how to tell when someone’s had enough, how to handle difficult customers and how to maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere in your workplace. Our RSA Melbourne course takes less than a day to complete and costs only $50. You must have an RSA certification in order to work with alcohol in Victoria, and our course fulfills the requirement. A Victoria RSA certificate is good all over Australia.

Getting Started in Hospitality

If you’re new to hospitality, then you may be able to earn your RSA as part of our two-week subsidised hospitality course. If you meet government guidelines, this course only costs $100, and it will give you all the certifications, knowledge and experience needed to get work in Melbourne’s bars, clubs and restaurants. Most Australian citizens and permanent residents who are under 20 years of age or who have not gone past a Certificate I qualification are eligible.

Our subsidised hospitality course includes both RSA certification and Responsible Service of Gaming, or RSG certification. You’ll also earn a food handling certificate and a food safety supervisor certificate, as well as getting the specialised training you need to get work as a bartender, barista or restaurant server. You can choose to attend the course full time for two weeks, or you can select one of our four-week long weekend or evening courses.

Whether you’re a hospitality professional looking for a quick and affordable RSA course in Melbourne or you’re a young person who wants to start a new career in hospitality, RSA Melbourne is a fantastic choice for training and job placement. We’re conveniently located near Flinders Street Station, in Melbourne’s CBD.