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Why Almost Anyone Would Benefit From an RSA Course

by Warrick Steabben on November 26, 2013

Most of the people who take our RSA courses for their Responsible Service of Alcohol certification work in the Melbourne hospitality industry or are planning to look for a job in a bar, club or restaurant. In Victoria, including greater Melbourne, RSA courses and certification are required for everyone who serves alcohol in a commercial establishment.

Useful Knowledge and Techniques

When you take an RSA certification course at RSA Melbourne, you’ll learn about the effects of alcohol on people’s minds and bodies and about the range of behaviours to expect from people who have been drinking. We’ll teach you how to tell when someone needs to stop drinking and even how to diffuse difficult situations that may arise with people who’ve had a little too much alcohol.

RSA Courses are Valuable For Work

There’s no doubt that this is invaluable information for everyone who tends bar, waits tables or hosts at an establishment where drinks are served. We’ve gotten quite a bit of positive feedback from our former students. They have told us how the methods we teach calm down tense situations and help them make informed choices in their work. They have also told us that what they learned studying for their RSAs has been unexpectedly useful in their everyday lives.

RSA Courses are Valuable For Life

Only a minority of people serve alcohol at work. However, almost everyone serves alcohol. Whether you host friendly get-togethers for friends, big holiday dinners for the extended family or an occasional special occasion party, you probably serve drinks to guests and to family members. RSA training combined with trust and friendship can really be effective in keeping everyone safe, happy and reasonably healthy.

If you’re planning a wedding or another big celebration, then you’re an especially good candidate for RSA training. If you plan to bring in professional caterers, then they’ll be RSA-trained. However, you may be better equipped to deal with your guests. After all, you’re hosting. If you’re putting together and executing a big celebration with just family and friends to help out, then you’ll be on your own. You should know how to spot situations and gently intervene when someone has had too much to drink or is rapidly heading in that direction.

RSA Courses Are For You

The fact is, most people drink more at private parties and celebrations – especially if there’s an open bar – then they ever would if they were paying for each drink. If anything, RSA training is even more helpful to people who host private parties than it is to hospitality workers. In our RSA Courses, Melbourne’s private hosts are just as welcome as its hospitality workers.