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The Importance of Responsible Alcohol Practices in Relation to Your Liquor License

by Warrick Steabben on October 30, 2015

The liquor license is one of the most important documents for many different types of businesses in and around the Melbourne area for a wide range of different reasons. In addition to the fact that it gives you the ability to serve alcohol to patrons under the law, it also allows you to attract the widest range of customers and revenue while offering the type of exciting environment that a thriving business needs. If you fail to serve alcohol responsibly, it could potentially put your liquor license in jeopardy in a number of different ways.

Responsible Alcohol Service

Responsible Alcohol Service

Responsible Service Goes Beyond Just Knowing How to Mix a Drink

Whenever you take RSA courses, there are two main focuses that you will have throughout your education. While it’s important to know how to maintain a great atmosphere and mix drinks in the exact ways that your customers want, this is only one small part of a much larger whole. Responsible service of alcohol means knowing how to identify under age people who may be attempting to drink before they’re legally ready, for example. It also means knowing how to identify when someone has “had enough” and knowing how to cut them off before they harm themselves or others.

Repercussions on Your Liquor License

Two of the main ways that your liquor license can be taken away from your business involves bartenders serving alcohol to minors and serving someone who then goes out and gets into a drink driving accident. Both situations are incredibly dangerous from virtually all perspectives, which is why the consequences are so severe. In the latter case, the lives of innocent bystanders may be on the line and rest assured that the state government takes these things very seriously.

Because of its high mark-up, alcohol is one of the major ways that businesses both get people in the door and make a profit on the services that they offer. Without your ability to serve liquor you would lose both of these channels, severely impacting your business in the process. It is not uncommon for a business that has lost its liquor license to be unable to adapt in such a competitive market and be forced to shut its doors, which is absolutely something that we at RSA Melbourne do not want to see happen to you.

Responsible Alcohol Courses

These are just a few of the wide range of different reasons why we at RSA Melbourne take the responsible service of alcohol so seriously. Not only will exercising good judgment and following industry-defining best practices help save your liquor license and your business in general, but they can also save lives at the exact same time. The RSA courses that we offer are designed to help you both feel comfortable in such a high-stakes environment and allow you to provide the superior level of service that your customers both expect and deserve.