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Talking About Beer

by Warrick Steabben June 17, 2015

Dunkelweizen, eisbock, barley wine, porter, India pale ale… what do they all mean? Craft brewing has exploded in popularity lately, and now everyone seems to have something to say about beer. Knowing how to pour a beer is one thing, but knowing about beer is almost as important! German Barmaid The Basics To make beer, Read more…

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Common Hiring Mistakes in Hospitality

by Warrick Steabben March 11, 2015

Staff can really make or break an establishment. Having good people running the show can draw a loyal crowd to your bar on the regular, but patrons will notice unhappy or poorly organised staff and that will send them out the door never to return before you know what happened. Don’t make these common hiring Read more…

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This Could Happen To You

by Warrick Steabben February 24, 2015

Bartenders have a moral and legal responsibility to look out for their patrons’ safety when it comes down to over-drinking and unwise behaviour. It’s a reasonable thing, after all, since drunk people can’t be expected to make all the right decisions. A bartender’s most important duty is, thankfully, pretty simple: ensure that your patrons don’t Read more…

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They Should Have Cut Him Off

by Warrick Steabben February 11, 2015

A recent alcohol-related death in Texas has made the local news: it was judged to be due to the negligence of two bartenders, and the bartenders have been convicted of Serving Alcohol to an Intoxicated Person. Juan Diaz, whose blood alcohol level was at three times the legal limit, was hit by a car while Read more…

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Liquid Nitrogen: Yes or No?

by Warrick Steabben January 29, 2015

Cocktails made with liquid nitrogen have got a lot of press over the last few years. They certainly look impressive and would be a cracking ingredient in someone’s signature cocktail. Who doesn’t like to play with exotic and unusual cocktail components? However, liquid nitrogen cocktails have also generated a lot of controversy over safety concerns. Read more…

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Bloody Mary

by Warrick Steabben January 13, 2015

An indispensable mainstay of late-morning gatherings, the Bloody Mary takes a simple concept for a cocktail, a base of tomato juice and a little citrus juice mixed with vodka, and runs with it. Learning how to make a good Bloody Mary is an education in mixing unto itself (and we know something about educations in Read more…

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Cocktails: Tequila

by Warrick Steabben January 6, 2015

With summer upon us, our thoughts naturally turn to cool, refreshing drinks. With that in mind, not much can rival the sweet and herbaceous flavour of high-quality tequila, made from the iconic blue agave of Mexico. Tequila’s flavour doesn’t abate even when it’s ice cold, making it an ideal hot weather spirit. That’s why today Read more…

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Classic Cocktails Whiskey

by Warrick Steabben December 17, 2014

Whiskey is possibly the original cocktail liquor. In an earlier blog post, we talked about the world’s first cocktail, which was most likely a drink called a ‘Bitter Sling’ or simply a ‘cocktail’. Today, we recognise that drink as nothing other than the Old Fashioned, which is still one of the most popular cocktails in Read more…

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Classic Cocktails: Vodka

by Warrick Steabben December 3, 2014

What can’t vodka do? Smooth and nearly—but not entirely—flavourless, a high-quality vodka can either add an alcoholic kick to any drink where the mixers dictate the taste or play centre stage in a simple cocktail. This is the third instalment in our series on classic cocktails. As a school offering bartending and RSA courses in Read more…

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Classic Cocktails: Gin

by Warrick Steabben November 19, 2014

Bright, herbaceous, and even a little bit fruity, gin is an amazingly versatile liquor that functions equally well as the focus of a simple cocktail like the classic martini or as a part of a more complicated drink. However, it’s easy to overdo it with gin, or simply mix in something that doesn’t mesh well Read more…

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